Jessica Anne Schwartz

Born in New York, Jessica Anne Schwartz is an artist living and working in Manhattan. Self-taught, Schwartz listens to her surroundings for inspiration through voice, gesture, people, objects and stories of things found in her everyday experience. Her works are the vessel of her stories which she uses to communicate with the viewer. Objects, to Schwartz, have a life and spirit regardless of being inanimate. Through mark making she is able to give these found objects a new purpose paying homage to otherwise invisible parts of life.

Between 2001-2015 Schwartz was based in Oakland and San Francisco. In 2014 Schwartz completed  "You Gonna Eat That" a commissioned mural spanning over three walls on the second floor of Bluestem Brasserie in downtown San Francisco.  In 2015 Schwartz moved her studio to Manhattan. Shortly after her move, she participated in a group show at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery and a spread of her work was reviewed in a critical essay:  "Jessica Anne Schwartz, Instinctive Formalist", by Alan Kaufman in the publication, Sensitive Skin. In 2018, renowned writer Lawrence Weschler wrote an essay published in The Paris Review entitled "The Art of Spooning" about a recent series of paintings, Single Serving.

She has exhibited in New York City and the Bay Area of San Francisco. Her work is held in private collections throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Jessica regularly donates her work to not-for-profit organizations.